September Report

North Palm Farms September 2023 Report:

September was a very interesting month on the farm. A month of new life. 
We started the month with a baby calf being born early on September 12.  A healthy bull calf was standing next to his mother at 6:15 am.  We were very excited and happy.  The next day around 7 am, the next mama cow started showing signs of giving birth.  We took her into the coral and around 9:30, she gave birth to another healthy bull calf.  Our third calf was born on September 18. It was another bull calf.  We now have 3 bull calves on the farm!
The ultimate exciting day was September 18.  We woke up seeing a mama cow laying down and giving birth.  This was a little heifer cow (female).  Later that day, another mama cow started to look for a spot to give birth.  This was so exciting and we even got to go live on our Instagram page to record the whole thing.  The mama needed a little assistance with the birthing process, but she gave birth to our second female calf.  We now have 5 baby calves on the farm and look forward to the next  to arrive soon. 
The season changes has also started.  We put out one hay bale per week for the cows, especially the nursing mama cows, as they need the roughage to make sure they produce enough milk for the babies.  One of our mama cows started showing signs of an infection after giving birth and we had to give her some antibiotics.  Our herd is healthy and growing! We walk from victory to victory!

Blessings in Jesus,
Blanche Keyter

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