June Report

North Palm Farms June 2023 Report:

During the month of June, the North Palm Farms family expanded. We bought 9 pregnant heifers at the Chessie Creek Farm. Two of the beautiful cattle are fully registered Angus Beef cows. We are looking forward to seeing them have their babies in the month of December.

We planted a pumpkin patch with over 100 pumpkin plants. Unfortunately, after 7 inches of rain in one week, our patch had severe water damage and we had to do it all over again. Now we have replanted the patch and we will have pumpkins come Thanksgiving.

We have fertilized one of our pastures and the grass is looking very good after the rain. We plan on fertilizing the other part of the pasture as well.

A new area of the farm will be fenced in soon. All the supplies have been bought and the first few posts have been put up.

A freeze drier machine was donated to the farm, and we believe that with the prophetic word out for a famine coming, we will soon be using that.

Our beautiful Airbnb is very popular and very busy during the summer. We look forward to the month of July, with summer being in full swing.

Make sure your fences are straight, your posts are in line and upright and keep the gates closed so no good things escape and no evil things enter.

Farm Greetings,
Pieter and Blanche Keyter

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