July Report

North Palm Farms July 2023 Report:

During the month of July the guesthouse was fully booked and we got to meet people from all over the country. The guests really enjoy the beautiful pool during the hot summer months.

We had to spread some wood shavings by hand around our pumpkin and watermelon plants. We were so blessed to find a place in Orangeburg that processes wood and we could go load as much of the shavings as we needed. With the help of our faithful volunteer that comes every Wednesday, we bagged a trailer load full of shavings and had to spread them by hand around each plant. There is over 200 plants in our pumpkin patch, so that took a while. We did this for two reasons:

  1. To cool the ground around the pumpkin plant
  2. To help retain moisture during hot days.

We then had to spray the patch for weeds. For this, we had to cover every plant, spray around it, remove the cover and cover the next one and do it 200 times. I am proud to say that our pumpkin patch is weed free and looking good.

We had over 5 inches of rain during the month of July and this helped the growth of the pasture to a large extend. We look forward to cutting and baling some hay in August!

Our Heifers look healthy and we have to keep the flies at bay and spray them every 2 weeks. We rotate what we spray them with so that the flies do not build a resistance to one product.

Blessings in Jesus,
Blanche Keyter

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