August Report

North Palm Farms August 2023 Report:

August was a busy month.
We planted some sugar cane in our garden to see what would happen and it really took off growing.  We will let it grow and multiply them again so we can start growing more sugarcane. 
We also had some rain at the beginning of the month but then the heat came.  This caused one of our cows to give birth too early.  We did everything we could to save our premature baby.  We put a pipe down his throat and poured milk straight into his stomach.  This usually gives them enough strength to get up and suckle on their mom’s.  Unfortunately, he did not make it through the night. 
We also set up a sprinkler in our pumpkin patch to water the pumpkins in this heat. 
Hurricane Idalia brought a lot of rain and wind but fortunately no major damage. 
August was also hay month!  We baled 30 bales on our property and were blessed to bale on our neighbor’s farm and got 110 bales!  We needed about 80 to 90 bales but got 140! The favor of God was on our winter supply! We might have to think of getting more cows. 
We also started fencing down the power-line in July and we are still busy.  Some volunteers came out to help and we are so grateful for it.  The last part of the fence has to go through a rough area and we need to rake it to put up the fence properly.  This will extend our pasture area even more. 
We look forward to September to welcome our baby calves into the world.

Blessings in Jesus,
Blanche Keyter

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